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Age: 23, Size: 10, Hair: Blonde, Height: 5.5ft, Eyes: Hazel, Bust: DD, Similar to: Christina Applegate

I'm a bubbly slim 23 year old. Innocent by look but not by nature. A smile just as hypnotizing as it is enticing. Curvy in all the right places, a real lady


Age: 18, Size: 8, Hair: Brunette, Height: 5.8ft
Eyes: Brown, Bust: B

I'm Tall, slim pretty 18 year old, NEW TO THE INDUSTRY! I offer affectionate, soft sensual service but also keen to learn new things & experiment!


Age: 25, Size: 14, Hair: Red, Height: 6.4
Eyes: Hazel, Bust: D

Fun, curvy red haired Australian girl. I'm in my early 20's. I'm a handful of fun!


Age: Early 30's, Size: 10, Bust: C, Hair: Blonde

Early 30's, size 10 tanned, C cup, shoulder length blonde, sensual & affectionate service.


Size: 10, Bust: C, Age: 25, Hair: Brunette

A playful seductress with an alluring physique & firm butt! Gifted with charming appearance & eyes that hypnotise. My curiosity always gets the better of me & my playmates. A proud vixen offering diversity. 25 years old, size 10, C cup, long hair, brunette.


Size: 8, Age: Early 20's, Eyes: Blonde

Early 20’s, small petite size 8, long blonde hair & tanned.


Size: 10, Hair: Brunette

Size 10, brunette, sensual & erotic service.


Age: Early 30's, Size: 10, Bust: DDD, Hair: Brunette, Eyes: Brown

Brunette, size 10 DD bust, early 30's


Age: Mid 20's, Size: 10, Eyes: Blue, Height: 5'4", Bust: 12C, Hair: Long Black

I'm very Affectionate + Sensual, I provide a girlfriend experience and some fantasies


Age: Late 20's, Size: 8, Bust: C, Hair: Brunette

Late 20's petite size 8, short dark hair, sensual & affectionate service, long slender legs.. Gorgeous


Age: Early 30's, Size: 6-8, Bust: D, Hair: Blonde

Early 30's, size 6-8, tanned, C cup, long blonde hair, tall with long slender legs that go all the way up, ask me nicely to show you.. I offer a sensual erotic service & fantasies are my speciality!


Age: Early 30's, Size: 6, Bust: C, Hair: Brunette

I'm your goddess. My passionate & exotic way will have you mesmerised. Early 30's, size 6 with C cup. Long dark hair. Offers a passionate service


Age: Early 30's, Size: 12, Bust: DD, Hair: Brunette

Early 30’s, size 12 DD bust. Medium length dark hair


Age: Early 20's, Size: 8, Bust: C, Hair: Blonde

Early 20's, petite size 8, C cup with long blonde hair


Age: Early 30's, Size: 8, Bust: C, Hair: Blonde

Early 30's size 10, DD cup, long blonde hair


A rare delight to find. She truly is our forbidden fruit. One taste & you'll be hooked. Young, sweet & full of energy. She can make all your fantasies come true.

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